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Whitby Jet Ring

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This ring is made with authentic Whitby Jet mined from the cliffs beneath the famous Whitby Abbey. Jet itself is fossilised Monkey Puzzle tree that has been compressed under the ocean for millions of years before forming the jet that you will see in our jewellery. It lies under the North Yorkshire Moors National Park which Whitby is on the edge of, and this makes the cliffs the best place from which to access.

It has been used for a long time in jewellery, first seen in the Bronze Age and then Roman times. York, where our shop is based, was actually the place where much of the work with jet took place, and many examples of Roman jet jewellery can be seen today in the Yorkshire Museum in town. It was used as mourning jewellery in the Victorian Age, most notably by Queen Victoria following the death of her husband Albert in 1961. What is good enough for the queen is highly desirable to her subjects, and it became a struggle to keep up with the demand for the gemstone.

The jet in your ring is sourced from Whitby by our gemstone expert and set in .925 sterling silver.



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