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Wading Curlew Necklace

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'I was a crazy keen birdwatcher when I was a boy. My Young Ornithologist badge was my most prized possession'.

Growing up surrounded by nature, it is no surprise that Alex's work heavily revolves around the outdoors and the little creatures that you find nestled in the middle of it all. So when Alex was approached by the RSPB to create a capsule collection to help with the efforts in conservation, well, let's just say it was a childhood dream come true. The collection features species that have conservation status.

The wading curlew can be found all year around on the UK's coastlines and can easily be identified by it's unique downcurved beak. The pendant measures approximately 2 cm in width and 1. 5 cm from top to bottom.

This necklace comes on a fixed length 20 inch chain. The necklace is available in 22ct gold plate or sterling silver.

All Alex Monroe jewellery is handmade in the UK.

A donation of £35 will be made to RSPB for each piece sold.


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