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Hot Air Balloon Necklace

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Bon Voyage takes us back to the golden age of travelling. Join Alex on a trip that starts in his home county of Suffolk from where you will be whisked off by plane to travel by camel across the desert then onto a seaplane to explore the land and sea in South America with a steam engine train journey across India to finish your trip. Along the way you’ll be sure to send a postcard or two back home to tell loved ones of your adventures. Finally returning home with a suitcase covered in souvenir stamps and tags (and a few tales) from your travels.

Once upon a time, the hot air balloon was considered an exotic method of travel with many attempting to fly around the world in one (with few succeeding). Alex took inspiration from the wild adventurers from days long gone to create his own Hot Air balloon.

The earrings measure approximately 2 cm in height and approximately 1.5 cm at its widest point. The necklace is available in 22ct gold plate or sterling silver.

This necklace comes on a fixed length 20 inch chain.

All Alex Monroe jewellery is handmade in the UK.


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