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Engraved Swallow Signet Ring

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Bon Voyage takes us back to the golden age of travelling. Join Alex on a trip that starts in his home county of Suffolk from where you will be whisked off by plane to travel by camel across the desert then onto a seaplane to explore the land and sea in South America with a steam engine train journey across India to finish your trip. Along the way you’ll be sure to send a postcard or two back home to tell loved ones of your adventures. Finally returning home with a suitcase covered in souvenir stamps and tags (and a few tales) from your travels.

The heart shaped signet ring is hand engraved with the most intricate of detail.The main focus of the detail being the swallow with a letter in its beak. The engraving continues around the entirety of the ring including the band.

The face of the signet ring measures approximately 1 cm across the face of the ring and approximately 8 mm from top to bottom. The band measures approximately 5 mm at its thickest part and 3 mm at its thinnest.

The ring is available in sterling silver, 22ct gold plate and rose gold plate only.

All Alex Monroe jewellery is handmade in the UK.



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