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Who We Are - Little Shambles Jewellers

Little Shambles Jewellers is an independent jewellery shop located in York's historical Shambles. We are a Fairtrade Foundation registered jewellers.



Tom is one of the founders and owners of Little Shambles jewellers. He can typically be found behind the till, with his cheery demeanor leaving customers feeling elated. He comes from Birmingham, the home of Britain's jewellery trade and has a long relationship with the trade. His contacts and knowledge of the industry keeps Little Shambles Jewellers ahead of the curve in providing a unique customer experience.


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Nick is a sales assistant for Little Shambles Jewellers. He's an expert in most the jewellery throughout the shop and has immense knowledge about all the stones we sell. He's particularly interested in sterling silver but appreciates any contemporary piece. Nick meets regularly with suppliers to make sure the stock is always of perfect quality and to ensure we can always be selling the latest range of jewellery.

Harry is the IT Consultant for Little Shambles Jewellers. He resides in the workshop upstairs. His role is maintaining and updating the website, managing the social media and providing support for anything IT related. 

Lauren is a sales assistant for Little Shambles Jewellers. She works in the shop and has a passion for all things rose gold. She has extensive knowledge of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets and is great at pairing them with different looks. 



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