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Our Shop - Little Shambles Jewellers

Our beautiful shop is located in the heart of the Shambles - a bustling and attractive tourist location in York.

We are easy to locate and we've provided a helpful map below to assist you in finding us.


As soon as you enter our shop you will find an array of stunning jewellery in a friendly environment. We take contactless payment in store to make things even more convenient for you.

You can see a virtual tour of our shop below.


 The Shop Then

Our shop didn't always look as stunning as it does today. A lot of renovation work was required to get it up to a good standard. Below you can see photos of our shop during its renovation.


As the building is a listed building we had to be careful to not alter the outside of the building or the beams inside.

Restoring the building to it's former glory was a long task but one that was well worth doing.


We wanted to make sure this display was prominent and large enough to feature a lot of our finest products

With such large displays, the natural lighting in the shop illuminates our products and lights up the entire building.



We focused on gaining a lot of space in the shop whilst keeping the aesthetic of the building similar to how it looked all the way back in the 15th century.

This archway was renovated to provide more space around the shop and to fit more with the style of the shop.

As seen here, there was a lot of work to be done and this included re-flooring the entire shop.

Buddy the Beagle takes a well deserved break!

Buddy the Beagle takes a well deserved break!

We had to be very careful when fitting the lights as we did not want to damage the beams in any way.

Our vision for the upstairs was for us to turn it into a stunning workshop and showroom.

Giving ourselves a blank canvas to work with allowed us to turn our dream shop into a reality.

The Shop Now

Our shop shows off a range of different products and still has a touch of 15th century aesthetic to it.

 We made sure the shop was as inviting as it could be. Here, our archway has also been completely redone to fit in with the rest of the shop.

Stairs upstairs lead to our workshop and other products to browse. 

We made use of the space upstairs and put in a workshop and desk, whilst keeping enough room for customers to browse.

A table and chairs have also been placed upstairs so that meetings can be had with clients. We've made sure the shop is comfortable and friendly.

The upstairs also has plenty of lightning to illuminate our products.

Outside, our windows look nice and bright, whilst showing off our stunning display of jewellery.

Customers and tourists are able to browse our products whilst walking past our shop. The windows and displays look inviting and are kept well cleaned and polished.

Being at the heart of The Shambles, we felt it important to fit in with the rest of the buildings whilst putting our own Little Shambles spin on things. We think we've achieved this, and you can see it for yourself by visiting us.



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